Friday, 20 May 2016

Stay In Your Own Lane.

Well it has been a while since I last posted hasn't it?! Uni work and life seem to have thrown a curveball at my dedication to my blog; but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things because it truly brings me joy.
The past month or so, anxiety along with all its nerve-racking elements have been out in full force causing unexpected sadness, panic and unexplainable outbursts of anger. So you could say I've been living the life of a five year old infant having a tantrum! But I've certainly learnt a few things with regards to dealing with all things anxiety related and general day to day problems which I really want to share with you.
 Far too often I hear people around me and catch myself comparing to others. Rather than enjoying what I'm doing, I'm kicking myself because somebody else has done better. Here are a few tips for dealing with momentary lapses of belief in your awesome self:

- Rather than doubt that you can do something, give it a go. Say yes to challenges you wouldn't normally do, you never know, you may just surprise yourself
- If you completely fail at whatever challenge you attempted, don't be gutted that you didn't do well, be proud that you tried
- Boost your fitness levels; who cares if there are fitter people than you at the gym or in your spin class? Rather than focusing on the fact that someone can do double the amount of press ups you can or run for five minutes longer than you, focus on improving your own set of reps and running further than you did last time. Even if its one more press up or one more minute on your time of running, its all about self improvement
- Take pride in your exam results or any personal achievements you attain; the person who got a few more marks than you in one subject may completely suck at something you thrive at, not everything is for everyone
- Take up new hobbies; try reading for fun rather than relating reading to the boring text books you have to plough through, join a yoga class, anything you wouldn't ordinarily do, do!
- Remember to praise yourself and take a moment to think of three things you've done that day that you're proud of; this could be cooking a new meal you've not tried before, holding a door open for somebody or putting together a new makeup look that made you feel a tad more confidant
- Allow yourself to have your down moments; you're only human, you're allowed to cave into the  pressure life throws at you, but after five minutes, wipe away your tears, fix your makeup and start again as your bad ass self - never give up

The whole point is quite literally to stay in your own lane, focus on yourself, you'd be surprised how many demons and weaknesses those you wish you were like, actually have. Remember, people don't post their down times on social media or boast about their failures - we all have our weaknesses. Just take some time to appreciate your own strengths.

In anxious times of panic, inhale confidence and exhale negativity. Drink plenty of water, surround yourself by positive people and be kind to everyone you meet (even the ass holes), everyone is going through their own struggle.

Stay beautiful and be happy!

Thanks for reading,

Hayley x