Saturday, 9 January 2016

Estée Hoarder

When I jumped on the Estée Lauder double wear foundation bandwagon back in September of last year I felt super excited to give it a whirl after hearing the massive hype about the product from many people. (I also of course caved into their deal at the time which meant that if you purchased another product you were given a free bag of mini products!)
When I first applied the foundation it was a revolutionary moment and definitely changed my makeup routine for the foreseeable future! If you're a makeup addict like myself, you'll relate to the satisfying
 first application of a new foundation and the anxious suspense throughout the day to observe it's durability. Double wear certainly did not let me down! The description of the product states that it has 15 hour staying power, you may not need your makeup to stay put for that long but I one hundred percent agree with this as i never notice my foundation wearing off, even through different weather conditions!
Estée Lauder Double Wear Shade 1N2 ENCRU £30
 The packaging of the product is also appealing with its deep blue background and subtly stunning gold writing, who could walk away from the Estée Lauder counter without purchasing this?!
 As stated on the box, the foundation is SPF 10 which is extremely important when deciding which foundation to buy as although we want the skin look flawless on the outside, we must also take care of its health!

Once you open the box you're greeted by a beautiful glass bottle with gold detail. At this point make up fanatics are in the midst of heart palpitations and excitement levels are high!
So, enough about its classy packaging, what is so special about the product? The qualities that I enjoy the most have to be its natural finish and buildable coverage. 
I have normal/dry skin and this foundation leaves my skin looking slightly dewy yet also has a slightly matte finish. This allows my skin to look less dry and more radiant but not shiny or sweaty which I believe a lot of high street foundations can! 
I apply my foundation with a Real Techniques beauty blender, this is a great new way to ensure a flawless finish. You can do this by either dampening the sponge or using it dry. The consistency of the foundation is smooth and silky therefore the sponge applicator allows it to glide onto the skin and sit in place for hours!
So, this holy grail product has caused me to re purchase my second bottle and sit proudly in my makeup bag along with my other goodies and has clarified the fact that I am now an Estée Hoarder!

Thanks for reading, Hayley x


  1. I've actually reviewed this product on my blog too! Its my all time favourite foundation, nothing has compared to it! xx

  2. Might give this a go, the packaging is really pretty too! Thanks for reviewing this :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  3. My ultimate foundation! Used it for years and would never change. Nothing compares!! X

  4. I don't purchase much Estee Lauder to be honest, and I think it's because it's a more mature brand and I tend to turn to Urban Decay, Benefit and such. I like the packaging and quality of other brands more so than Estee!