Sunday, 3 April 2016

Marching Out ...

Three days into the fresh month of April and I'm reflecting on the previous month, my gosh, it was a whirlwind! It was filled with both stress and enjoyment, highs and lows; but most importantly, memories!

I'm going to cheat a little here by starting with the 29th February. The leap year certainly brought me some luck (hopefully I won't have to wait another four years for further luck). I managed to pass my driving test on this date which has to be one of my proudest achievements yet! Wow was I relieved to finally be able to stop having driving lessons and to actually be able to drive on my own. I passed second time (apparently all the best drivers do, so I'll take that) and I was thrilled. My 'learning to drive experience' was a very odd one. I was far from lucky. I started learning to drive in 2014, this driving instructor was a grumpy old man and I found myself cancelling lessons. I then had periods of time off from learning to drive and by periods of time I'm talking 8 months without a lesson - yes ok I slacked, my bad. I then had to find another instructor. I trusted my pal's recommendation (big mistakeooo) and the guy I then had was very touchy and weird, to say the least. So upon passing my test I was just excited to not have a creep grab my legs and stare at me intensely whilst I changed gear! (how did this dude find my ditzy attempt at driving so, appealing?)

Then within the actual month of March, my anxiety hit a high and I had to leave a job due to stupid panic attacks - yippee. 
 I'm a second year law student and I had my Public Law exam to sit, which, on reflection (touch wood) was okay, well, as okay as a three hour exam can be. Since then I've had a little bit of time off and have let myself have a great time before final semester kicks my ass! 
 My parents went away on holiday so I had various friends come stay over, went out clubbing (a lot) and I allowed myself to be happy. To me this happiness came in all sorts of flavours, some were  J├Ąger flavoured, some tasted of my Nanny Joan's chicken dinner - its all about balance. But all jokes aside, I really have found this last month has shown me all the little forms of happiness. 

Heres my list of five happy's this month:

1. Spending time with my grandparents
2. Sleeping in and not feeling guilty
3. Going to my best friend's house, applying face masks and fooling around
4. Getting dressed up, applying pretty makeup and going out 
5. Being offered my very first mini pupilage (this will mean nothing if you don't study law, but essentially work experience with a barrister's chambers!) 

Although there were intense and very stressful moments last month, I'm learning to not focus on these moments or allow them to push out my happy memories, but to spend time remembering the happy times. This is something I need to do much more and hopefully allow myself to lead as much of a positive life as possible. Don't allow yourself to moan about a day of rain and forget about the week of sunshine. 

As I begin the next two modules of my degree I plan to spend time being a focused, organised and positive person! How was your March? I hope April is a good month for all!!

Thank you for reading, Hayley x


  1. Nice post and very good advice - "Don't allow yourself to moan about a day of rain and forget about the week of sunshine."

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  3. It was great reading about how your March went, which seems pretty exciting, especially you getting your driver's license. I remember the day I got mine as if it were yesterday, haha. Cheers to an amazing April filled with lost of amazing opportunities! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have an amazing week ahead, beauty!



  4. Great post, I really enjoyed it!
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